(R) Evolution

(R) Evolution is a short film manifest, a message from the feminine principle, a call for global detox and healing within ourselves, written by feminist immigrant living in USA.

Film features live interactive performance of ODNA on streets of Manhattan wearing a gas mask, make up art by Ryan Burke, clothing line by Bayan Sardari, Tomoe Mineta and 13 female artists activists of different races and nationalities.   

'For over 2000 years the world has been supressing feminine in human female form and as an energy, yin quality,  in every one of us, a "right" brain function.  The idea of feminine has been redesigned to serve purpose of business, manipulation and keeping us under control. Our societies have been run by men who denied power of feminine, also within themselves, leading to creation of imbalanced world we live in. Every imbalance in nature will lead to downfall. I believe we all can feel it now more then ever. And I believe the only way for a positive change is to surrender to cosmic shift, balance, compassion, forgiveness andprepare soil for fresh start of humanity. ' ODNA

Watch the full short film here.