the beholder's share

Saira McLaren - A Day and the Night by Kelvin Ward

New York based visual artist, Saira McLaren, talks about her new exhibition "A Day and the Night." Explore paintings and ceramic sculptures of this body of work that represents contrasting ideas.

Fredrik "Fredro" Ödesjö - State of the Bizness by Kelvin Ward

Swedish music producer, Fredrik "Fredro" Ödesjö, talks about the current state of the music business and how it affects artists, record labels and songwriters around the world.

Alfonso Bui - Art Therapy by Kelvin Ward

Film Director/Photographer, Alfonso Bui, talks about his upcoming documentary titled Art Therapy: The Movie. Explore the therapeutic benefits of Art Therapy and the lives it's changed around the world.

Chef Ron Suhanosky - Table For... by Kelvin Ward

Chef Ron Suhanosky, a James Beard Award recipient in 2010, explains to us that the art of culinary starts with the table, not recipes.

Jordan Casteel - Visible Man by Kelvin Ward

After the Trayvon Martin acquittal, Jordan Casteel was compelled to create a body of work that would make the black male visible to the world.