The Beholder

Somi - The Beautiful Road by Kelvin Ward

Jazz vocalist, Somi, finds richness in her African roots. She shares of how she discovered jazz, her experience in Lagos, Nigeria and the art of jazz today. Join her on a stroll along The Beautiful Road.

Kimberly Mayhorn - Fictive Kinship by Kelvin Ward

Kimberly Mayhorn explores the social ties of black women and the conversations that are had about them in a moving show inspired by Sandra Bland's death and the assault on black bodies.

Renee Cox - The Goddess by Kelvin Ward

Renee Cox's fearlessness would explain her ability to survive twenty-three years in the art world. She's no stranger to criticism and controversy. Her photography and mixed-media art has celebrated blackness, the body, and womanhood. Come take a voyage with Cox on her journey.

Bridget Kelly - Between a Roc and a New Place by Kelvin Ward

Bridget Kelly was introduced to us by standing in for Alicia Keys during Jay-Z's "Answer the Call" concert presented by Fuse Music Television in 2009. After 5 years signed to Roc Nation, Bridget talks about her experiences with "The Roc" and what is next.

M. Tony Peralta - ...For My Homeland by Kelvin Ward

Dominican visual artist, M. Tony Peralta, talks about reconnecting with his Dominican culture and being commissioned to create art for the historic Jaragua Hotel in Dominican Republic.

Alfonso Bui - Art Therapy by Kelvin Ward

Film Director/Photographer, Alfonso Bui, talks about his upcoming documentary titled Art Therapy: The Movie. Explore the therapeutic benefits of Art Therapy and the lives it's changed around the world.

UR New York - Be Who You Are by Kelvin Ward

Graffiti artists, Mike Baca aka 2ESAE and Fernando Romero aka SKI of UR New York, talks about what the art of graffiti means to them and the importance of being who you are.

Chef Ron Suhanosky - Table For... by Kelvin Ward

Chef Ron Suhanosky, a James Beard Award recipient in 2010, explains to us that the art of culinary starts with the table, not recipes.

Jordan Casteel - Visible Man by Kelvin Ward

After the Trayvon Martin acquittal, Jordan Casteel was compelled to create a body of work that would make the black male visible to the world.